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Enjoy your food
Tunamelt sandwich
Rodeo star burger
The chorizodor burger
The ultimate kobe classic burger
Sphagetti bolognaise
Chili tuna Sphagetti
Fettucini alfredo
Fettucini bolognaise
Chili tuna fettucini
Chicken gordon blue
Chicken wings barbeque
Chicken wings original
Pastry and Snack
Smoked chicken & chesse croisant
Chicken sausage croisant
Blueberry & chesse danish
Chocolate croisant
Chocolate muffin
Banana muffin
Risolles Cream Chesse
Risolles Smoke Beef
Siomay Ikan / Ayam / Udang
Fruit Pie
Soes Tuna
Indonesian food
Sapi lada hitam & rice
Mie goreng
Indonesia nasigoreng
Rawon Komplit
Sop Iga
Ayam Bakar
Soto Betawi
Mie Kuah
Expresso beverages
White chocolate mocha
Caramel machiato
Vanilla latte
Caramel latte
Hazelnut latte
Caramel cappucino
Vanilla cappucino
Coffee latte
Expresso Coffee
Blanko Coffee
Americano Coffee
Frappe Blended Cream
Gauda Frappe
Blended coffee
Caramel coffee frappe
Vanila coffee frappe
Caramel coffee choco frappe
Coffee choco frappe
Mocha frappe
Blended cream
Strawberry frappe
Green tea frappe
Choco cream frappe
Vanilla cream frappe
Caramel cream
White paris almond
Special ice
Snow ice milk strawberry
Snow ice milk peach
Snow ice milk kiwi
Milk Shake Strawberry
Milk Shake Chocolatte
Traditional Coffee
Toraja Coffee
Flores Bajawa Coffee
Aceh Gayo Coffee
Sidikalang Coffee
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